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About once a week in the form of an email newsletter, I share ideas and suggestions about how to take charge of your finances. I invite you to join in if you feel you’d benefit from the regular reminders to be intentional with your money.

Along with a personal note from me about any of the personal finance realizations and reminders that have come up in my own life recently, you’ll receive suggestions for building income, budgeting, dealing with (or avoiding) debt, and working toward your financial goals.

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My promise to you

Your email inbox is already cluttered. I know.

My goal with these newsletters is not to add to the clutter, but to give you strategies and suggestions for how to set intentions for your money – and practical tools and techniques you can implement to make tangible progress.

In these emails, I’ll also share with you extra resources. Some of these will be blog posts, websites, or free tools related to the content of the email. Occasionally, a resource I share may be an affiliate or referral link. Out of respect for you, I promise to be the farthest from sleasy that I can. The only resources I refer are resources I use, love, and believe have a true benefit to those working on their finances. You can read more here.

I’ll also occasionally share with you details about services I offer or products I release, including coaching, workshops, printables, spreadsheets, etc. Please rest assured that I share these without using any tactics designed to manipulate you to buy.

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