What I Do

I help passionate educators cut through the overwhelm and stress of starting or growing their own private tutoring business so that they can find new students, delight them, and get referrals to keep growing!

My Philosophy

I believe it is possible to make a solid living with private tutoring without having to work 60+ hours per week working for peanuts at a big chain and without feeling in over your head by business-y things like marketing and record-keeping.

I have a special passion for those turning to private tutoring to escape from the burnout of traditional teaching jobs or to try to avoid crippling student debt while in graduate school. I myself chose private tutoring over a career as an academic, and used private tutoring to more than double my graduate student salary. I can’t imagine where I’d be without tutoring!


My Methods

I work with aspiring and currently active private tutors to address the biggest blocks in their business, whether that be:

  • setting the right price for their services
  • finding new students
  • setting and enforcing tutoring policies
  • figuring out ways to streamline scheduling, payments, and other logistics
  • tutoring online
  • and more!

My Goal

I love to serve as a resource for any tutor serious about taking their business to the next level.

My goal is for tutors to come away with a solid plan to move their tutoring business forward.

Profile/Ad/Website Audit

Not sure how you are coming across to prospective students?

I'll take a look at what you're currently using to attract students, whether it be a profile on a tutoring directory, an ad or flyer, or even your website. I'll then record a video analysis outlining what you're doing well and what you may want to tweak. We'll focus on clear actionable takeaways that can help you get your next new student.

One-on-one Coaching

Are you interested in starting a tutoring business? Or are you struggling to find enough students to sustain your business?

I work with aspiring tutors one-on-one on pricing, marketing, and business operations. We'll make sure you can turn interested leads into actual customers, who then end up raving about you to their friends.

Tutoring Business 101 Course

[Opening soon - Join the waitlist!]

If you want a simple yet thorough introduction to setting up your tutoring business and finding your first few students, this self-paced online course for you!

We'll work through how to price yourself, where to find students, how to lesson plan, how to schedule students and get paid, what policies you should have, and more.

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